Hot Valentine Deals!

One Session of Venus Versa skin tightening for Face or Neck.

Skin tightening treatments & solutions

It’s believed that cellulite impacts as many as 90% of women1 at some point in their lifetime due to hormonal changes, genetics, diet, and other lifestyle factors. Cellulite is clearly a common problem that many patients are eager to address without surgery or drastic lifestyle changes. The market for cellulite reduction treatments is not only big, it’s also continuously growing.


  • Powered by Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields
  • Enhanced by VariPulse™ technology with adjustable pulsed suction
  • Real-Time Thermal Feedback for immediate monitoring of skin temperature profile
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Comfortable treatments with no downtime

Retail: $550 Now $200

Or purchase 3 sessions for $400 —- regularly $1300

Chocolate Facial Mask

Our aromatic chocolate facial mask soothes and detoxifies – the perfect preparation for any spa treatment. Suitable for any skin type, our creamy Chocolate Scrub refines skin from head to toe, mineralizes and stimulates circulation and metabolism.

Retail $59.00 Now $39.99

Wine down Wednesday

This is not a tease: wine therapy is real and the best way to drink your cares away. More formally known as vinotherapy, grapes are nature’s antioxidant. We’ve all heard the benefits of drinking wine (specifically red wine), but the magical power of grapes seems to offer some medicinal and cosmetic qualities, as well. Everything from grape scrubs to massages to bathing in Pinot Noir can be experienced at these five wine-derful locations.

Put down the glass guys, there’s a new way to enjoy wine! Just kidding, we’d never make you do that. You can drink while having your treatment, it’s all part of the experience. Our only question is, wine not?

Retail $85.00

On sale:$50 half-hour Chardonnay “sugar polish.”

Valentine’s Day Package

One hour massage, refreshing chocolate facial and one small area hair removal

  • One hour massage of your choice ie. Swedish, Deep tissue, Relaxing
  • One chocolate facial
  • One hair removal session consisting of one of the following areas. Upper lip, chin, or cheekbones


Ciliegiolo Detox & Energizing Wrap

If you’re looking to detox (maybe from a wine hangover?) then this energizing wrap is for you. Made from a combination of Ciliegolo extract, bentonite clay, grape seed oil, and sweet mint and pepper essential oils, it will wake you right up while simultaneously purifying your body.

One hour lymphatic drainage massage and wrap